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Subject: Creating a transgenic plant

Date: Thu Jan 25 14:49:27 2001
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Area of science: Molecular Biology
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I am interested in making a transgenic plant for a school project.  The 
method that I came up involves removing the cell wall and then exposing it 
to CaCl2 to open up the cell membrane making it accept foriegn DNA.  I 
have been told that this is the method used in the 80's and 90's.  It 
seems it would be easier to use Agrobacterium to insert forieng DNA 
because the plant cell wall would not have to be removed.  Unfortunately, 
I have not found a way to get Agrobacterium.  Does this mean it is not 
available unless one has special access?  Also, the National Institute of 
Health has its biosafety regulations.  This seems like it would fall under 
these regulations.  However, I have seen catalogs with kits for creating 
transgenic bacteria and some even using altered strains of E. coli.  It 
seems confusing that these kits could be sold without confirmation of 
biosafety qualifications met.  Thank you for your time.

Re: Creating a transgenic plant

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