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Re: Allergic reactions to cheese, chocolate, wines, and other fermented foods.

Date: Fri Apr 20 06:50:57 2001
Posted By: Steven Reid, Post-doc/Fellow, Immunology, Roche Milano Ricerche
Area of science: Medicine
ID: 986784873.Me

I don't think that there any common links to fermentation, moulds or 
chemicals (chocolate is not fermented for example).  Milk products are 
known to be common allergens (substances that we become allergic to) - 
possibly because it is the first food that we come across after birth, 
exposing us to milk antigens (substances that will provoke an immune 
response) to which we might become allergic.  Strangely, fish is another 
common childhood allergen.  In allergies to wine, grapes themselves are 
often the culprit.  It would be quite unusual to have an allergy to a 

Check out
and get more details (very good database).

Try also BiomedNet (

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