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Re: I've been trying to find a nutrition guide for food coloring.

Date: Sun Apr 22 13:49:37 2001
Posted By: Elizabeth Kunkel, Faculty, Food Science and Human Nutrition, Clemson University
Area of science: Other
ID: 986186203.Ot

Artificial food colors have no nutrients in them; they are simply coloring 
agents.  They are a chemical compound with a set structure, but contain no 
ingredients or nutrients as would fruits and vegetables.  The artificial 
food colorings that may be used in foods sold in the US are all called, F D 
& C colors (Food, Drug and Cosmetic).  They will be listed on the 
ingredient listing of foods containing them as FD &  C followed by the 
color and its number, for example, FD & C green No. 3.  More information 
about the individual colors can be found in the Food Additives Handbook, 
Richard J. Lewis, Sr.  It is published by van Nostrand/Reinhold.  The FDA 
website ( also has some additional information.

By the way, nutritionists always recommend eating fruits and vegetables for 
the overall nutritional value instead of taking supplements.  Good luck 
with your science project.

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