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Subject: Oxygen oxidizes our cells (degeneration) but it also heals?

Date: Wed Apr 25 16:32:05 2001
Posted by Kitty
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City: Mesa State/Province: AZ Country: USA
Area of science: Cell Biology
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I've recently had a  physical in which the Dr. commented that though my heart is 
"excellent" my aerobic ability is "poor".  He clarified this by saying that I 
don't do a good job of getting oxygen to cells. My lungs are "normal" and I'm in 
good health so no action was taken.  But this sparked my interest in cell use of 
oxygen. The information I understand seems conflicting.

Women in Europe use various oxygen therapies to enhance beauty, improve health, 
and slow aging.  Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is also popular to improve 
healing in various situations by driving 100% (?) oxygen into cells. I've used 
an Ozone treatment and experienced a noticable prettier complexion for a 
whole week.

But oxygen causes oxidation.  To avoid cellular oxidation I take anti-oxidants 
Vit A,C,E.  I also understand from the explaination in one of the archives dated 
Apr 26 08:08:18 2000, "One popular theory of aging is that the slow accumulation 
of such oxidant-damaged molecules over time is the cause of aging, even in our 
normal atmosphere. "

I'm confused. Is Oxygen healing or harmful? Is it the delivery mechanism or 
media that is the differentiator? 

Re: Oxygen oxidizes our cells (degeneration) but it also heals?

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