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Subject: How can I measure phytoplankton concentration in water?

Date: Fri Apr 20 14:15:38 2001
Posted by Marley
Grade level: 7-9 School: No school entered.
City: Falmouth State/Province: MA Country: USA
Area of science: General Biology
ID: 987790538.Gb

I want to examine the response of the rate of growth of phytoplankton in water
to different environmental parameters. I need an inexpensive way to measure the
concentration of blue green algae in water samples. I can't destroy the water
samples (or much of it) to make the measurement. Is there an inexpensive
spectrometer or other instrument that makes such a measurement, and where can I
get one (or use one)? Thank you.

Re: How can I measure phytoplankton concentration in water?

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