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Re: Will silicone implats affect the impedance rating of body fat analysis?

Date: Mon Jul 9 09:43:48 2001
Posted By: Lillian Mundt, Faculty, Clinical Laboratory Sciences Department
Area of science: Medicine
ID: 991603232.Me

The affect (if any) is negligable.  Silicone (like fat) resists electrical 
currents while saline (like lean muscle)is a conducter. However, neither 
one will make much difference.  The current which passes between ankle and 
wrist electrodes usually side lines the breast area. There are measurement 
devices which require you to stand on a scale which also measures hydration 
and calculates body fat.  The current on these meets in the waist area and 
also miss the breasts.  Even if a measurement system were to use current 
which passes through the breasts, implants would not have much affect. The 
volume of implants in comparison to the total body volume is small. 

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