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Re: Can a tornado be destroyed?

Date: Mon Aug 6 15:52:25 2001
Posted By: Renafaye Norby, Faculty, Science Education, Black Hills State Univ.
Area of science: Environment
ID: 995777343.En

The study of tornados is being advanced through the use of a field of 
physics called Chaos Theory. Chaos Theory studies complex phenomena with 
many variables that have not been successfully studied through more simple 
models in physics. But Chaos Theory is just beginning to make inroads into 
highly complex phenomena.

Tornados are functions of the heat changes in layers of the earth's 
atmosphere, coupled with the earth's rotation and global weather, and there 
are so many spatial, time, air density, and temperature variables affecting 
their formation that there isn't a computer large enough to even store all 
those variables at one time. So, to put it simply tornadoes cannot be 
predicted. We would have to be able to predict them in time to take action 
if we were going to try to render them harmless. 

The other problem is there is so much energy in a tornado that we don't 
have any source of power that could dispel that energy. Probably in the 
future someone will make advances in this area. If you study physics in 
college, you might be able to make those advances!

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