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Re: will you please send me an info. on how the Go back button works?

Date: Mon Oct 15 16:19:34 2001
Posted By: Justin Miller, currently unemployed with B.S. in computer science
Area of science: Computer Science
ID: 1002405861.Cs

Your question is actually impossible to answer, but I avoided sending it
back to the admins because the reason it is impossible to answer may help
you understand how that button works.  I tested it myself, by visiting
sites A, B, C, and D in that order, clicked the back button twice, visited
page E, but then I could only click the back button two times before I
simply ended up back at site A, and the list was cleared.

If I had simply noted that and visited pages F, G, and H, clicked back
once, and visited page I, the sites in the list would have been (from
bottom to top) A, F, G, I.

So, a browser basically keeps a linked list of sites, with the most
recently-visited site on top.    This INCLUDES the site you're currently
visiting.  Clicking the back button erases the top element in the list, and
of course sends you back one page in the process.  Now, I say that it
includes the site you're currently viewing because the browser needs to
hold that information in case the user visits another site.  The "Go"
button simply does not display the top item in the list, which makes it
look the way one would expect it to look.

Justin Miller

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