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Re: Why do I find British Crayfish wandering away from water in Autumn?

Date: Thu Nov 8 13:30:06 2001
Posted By: Aydin Orstan, Staff, Office of Food Additive Safety, Food and Drug Administration
Area of science: Zoology
ID: 1001090235.Zo

Dear Anne,
I have information only on the crayfishes of the U.S. (Pennak, R.W., Fresh-
water invertebrates of the United States, 3rd ed., 1989). According to 
Pennak, some U.S. species live in burrows in pastures where there is no 
open water. If similar species also exist in the UK, one may encounter 
them in areas away from ponds and rivers, especially at dusk and dawn (or 
at night) when they are most active. Pennak also indicates that some U.S. 
species migrate overland after spawning in the autumn. Perhaps, this is 
what you are witnessing in the UK.

For more specific information on the habits and ecology of the crayfishes 
of the UK, I suggest you contact someone there who works with them.


Aydin Orstan

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