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Subject: how can i prevent the static field effect on micrprocessor

Date: Mon Mar 11 00:15:38 2002
Posted by arun
Grade level: 10-12 School: virani science college
City: rajkot State/Province: gujrat Country: india
Area of science: Computer Science
ID: 1015823738.Cs

i hanged (crash)a digital frequency/volt/ampear meter by using the high voltage 
static field .i can do this with out any connection or with out any touching 
the meter is still after effect of static field until the power supplies will 
continue i want to put out the effect of static from the digital meter with out 
any connection or touching how can i do this ?why meter hanged?the meter is 
microprocessor based. can i do this by an degausser????or by whom?plz tell me 
in my the static effect on microprocessor....gate is shut down???or 
filteration will disturbed? can i prevent this disturbence   by 
codless system  ????????????????????/

Re: how can i prevent the static field effect on micrprocessor

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