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Re: how can i prevent the static field effect on micrprocessor

Date: Thu Mar 14 12:26:55 2002
Posted By: Dietmar Hildebrand, Post-doc/Fellow, Radiation Biophysics, Scientific Services
Area of science: Computer Science
ID: 1015823738.Cs

I'm not sure what, you mean with "the high voltage static field"?
In general a high voltage static field will cause lateral voltages in the 
conductors and semiconducting signal pathes of the device. When such 
voltages get to the level of switching voltages in the device, the device 
will act unpredictably. The effect may even vary depending on the 
direction of the static field, which the device is exposed to.
This effect is the electrostatic equivalent to the Hall effect (magnetic 
deflection of moving electrons), which is used in some keyboards to 
recognize down- and up-transitions of keys.
Only shielding the device can prevent the effect, grounding alone does not 

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