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Subject: How can I transmit a preamble??????

Date: Tue Mar 12 08:32:44 2002
Posted by Nicholas
Grade level: undergrad School: Glasgow Caledonian Univerity
City: Glasgow State/Province: Strathclyde Country: Scotland
Area of science: Computer Science
ID: 1015939964.Cs

I am currently doing a university project to transmit and receive audio data at 
433Mhz. To do this radio agency requires the data to be transmitting in digital 
format. I had though of using the output of a 555-timer in astable mode(that i 
am using already as the clock for my ADC&DAC) but I am unsure of how to do this 
and if I should attempt use that to do so. I know what a preamble is I just 
dont know how to transmit one with data together.

Re: How can I transmit a preamble??????

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