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Subject: Durian (fruit) and alcohol?

Date: Mon Mar 18 06:21:08 2002
Posted by David
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There are no archive files at MadSci on durian, which is a delicious and tasty 
fruit, apparently high in fat content and oil. I also searched using YAHOO and 
found only inaccurate gossip and no science-based answer. Apparently no one in 
the world right now knows why durian and alcohol do not mix and cause a 
reaction in humans. Anectdotally, every village that grows durian has something 
like an old wives tail that people have died after eating durian and drinking 
alcohol (unconfirmed, as far as I know). From firsthand experience after having 
not all that much beer, I can say the reaction is true! But it is NOT 
digestive, gas, etc. My blood pressure and pulse went up. I felt 'flushed' of 
face and overheated. I discontinued both products and recovered quickly. This 
would be a great research project for some graduate student or chemistry 

Re: Durian (fruit) and alcohol?

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