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Subject: Hot and Cold Energy Transfer

Date: Mon Dec 2 02:36:26 2002
Posted by David Barentine
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City: Redondo Beach State/Province: CA Country: USA
Area of science: Physics
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Recently a friend of mine threw out a question that I thought I knew but on 
closer thought didn't seem likely. We were thinking about energy transfers and 
whether removing heat from an object or the air could be done in a way as to 
store the heat as energy. Basically, we were thinking that in theory there 
would be a way to steal energy from something by removing the heat. Obviously 
we have no idea how to do this but the theory seems sound. What we were 
thinking, in analogy, is if we looked at a bucket of water and envisioned the 
bucket as a room and the water as the energy of heat, would there be a way to 
suck the water (heat) out of the bucket (room) such that there would be a 
viable source of water (heat or energy) collected and stored for other 
purposes. It seems this is possible, though niether of us could think of how or 
what the process might be called. But what we couldn't agree on was whether the 
same could be done with cold instead. In the analogy, were one to suck the heat 
out, we'd figure it would leave the room cooler, but what we really want to 
know is whether one could "suck" (for lack of a better term) the cold out of a 
room and make it hot, without bringing in something burning or some source of 
heat added to dissipate the cold. Basically can you rob cold from a room to 
generate heat without inserting any heating agents. 

Re: Hot and Cold Energy Transfer

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