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Re: I am not sure the question belongs with you,,,My cat does not Purr,

Date: Thu Mar 13 11:54:50 2003
Posted By: Janet Hoff, Staff, Unit for Laboratory Animal Medicine, University of Michigan
Area of science: Zoology
ID: 1047446907.Zo

Kelleen Flaherty, an associate MadSci volunteer, had a similar question regarding purring.

So Libby, we don’t know what causes an animal to purr, or not to purr but, I wouldn’t take it personally if your pet doesn’t purr and I would be very careful about blaming a veterinarian (not that you did, but you sort-of referred to the vet “incident” so I thought I would respond). I gave many cat baths during my ten years of experience in small animal practice and they are not easy to do.

Regarding the biting, I have a cat the bites me all the time, but I know she loves me. She doesn’t bite my husband, but he doesn’t give her as much attention as I do. A cat that bites isn’t necessarily aggressive, but just wanting attnetion and showing affection in their own way.

Hope this helps.

Janet Hoff, LVT, LATG

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