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Subject: Doppler Effect and time warp

Date: Sat Jun 21 16:39:42 2003
Posted by Wyatt
Grade level: 10-12 School: Heritage Christian
City: Portland State/Province: Oregon Country: U.S. of A.
Area of science: Physics
ID: 1056231582.Ph

I was thinking in my math class and this idea came up. Ever since then i's 
been bugging me so i need to ask a professional. Say there's this fighter 
pilot who is flying over land and he sees a radio tower on the horizon. He 
recognizes the tower as... say 92.3 KGON. He sets his onboard radio to 
the frequency and listens to the music as he circles the tower. Then he 
decides to turn his jet towards the tower and accelerate. As he approches 
the tower would the doppler effect  speed up the music untill he passes 
over and it would then slow down? And imagine a house right next to the 
tower. Inside a man listens to the radio at normal speed as the jet passes 
over. The fighter pilot looks at his dash and sees it's 11:05 and the man in 
the house sees the same time on his wall clock. If the fighter pilot hears 
the radio faster than the man listening to the same station and yet they 
still have the same time, that must be a time warp, isn't it?

Re: Doppler Effect and time warp

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