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Re: Can I test the effects of hydrogen peroxide on human tissue?

Date: Fri Oct 17 02:25:52 2003
Posted By: Dr. Nagesh N Bhat, Post-doc/Fellow, Biophysics,
Area of science: Cell Biology
ID: 1066224392.Cb

Hydrogen peroxide is a good oxidizing agent. It is routinely used in 
medicine as a cleaning solution but in dilute concentrations. 

To study the effect on tissue, it is a good thing to use cultured cells or 
tissues. However, if you are trying to see the effect in vivo, then you 
need to use some animal like mice. You can also use nails, hairs or smears 
of human origin. It would be more interesting to see the results in dilute 
concentrations rather than at higher concentrations, which simply burn the 


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