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Subject: could this be a cure for aids? (not hiv)

Date: Fri Oct 24 03:37:50 2003
Posted by Graham
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Dear whoever,

Given the expanding AIDS pandemic, and the apparent hypocrisy of the pharmaceutical 
companies regarding the emergency areas of the world, I would like some clarification 
on the following issues: (my question was provoked by the site

US pat no. 5,676,977  is very intriguing. The company holding the patent are here:
The clinical trials are being carried out by:

My question isthis; are there any logical or scientific reasons why these treatments would 
not work?

It all seems too good to be true, but extensive research fails to find any scientific proof to 
either support or refute the claims made by the inventor. 

Thank you

Re: could this be a cure for aids? (not hiv)

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