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Subject: How can I make a complex alien brain seem functionally possible?

Date: Sun Nov 2 22:48:42 2003
Posted by Ryan
Grade level: undergrad School: RPI
City: Troy State/Province: Ny Country: USA
Area of science: Other
ID: 1067834922.Ot

I am writing a science fiction book and I am asking for your knowledgable 
insight to help me put my ideas together in a coherent manner. I have created 
an alien civilization which is based around complex brains which can convert 
energy to many different forms. 
   When the sun rises, the solar energy is absorbed by the brains setting 
cilia on the brain into vibration. This vibration produces an intrinsic sound 
which causes other organisms of the same class to vibrate in sync. (perhaps  
like the vibration of sympathetic strings?) The sonar energy is then converted 
to mechanical energy allowing the beings to perform their daily tasks. During 
the day they store the energy they gain from doing these tasks(such as 
collecting nutrients and fuel)in their brains. When the sun goes down, all of 
the organisms on the planet "link up" with each other in a circular fashion 
via retractable "brain tubes". During this process they produce their 
intrinsic sound, which releases the stored energy and allows it to flow 
throughout the entire population. Also, all the sounds combine to create a 
harmonious "song". I know this sounds very bizarre and hard to visualize. I'm 
just asking for a little guidance and maybe some technical info on how this 
could seem feasible. Thank you.

Re: How can I make a complex alien brain seem functionally possible?

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