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Re: How can I make a complex alien brain seem functionally possible?

Date: Wed Nov 5 05:22:08 2003
Posted By: Gus Calabrese aka puppet boy, Design Engineer
Area of science: Other
ID: 1067834922.Ot

You have a very good idea there. I can see this crazy clan connecting up at night. As they evolved the connections between their brains became more efficient as they developed coupling structures that transmitted all the energy without loss. This would mean a tube that would expand or contract to match the size of the brain tube of the guy next to you. The curve of the horn would insure perfect impedance matching. Being in love might mean a special resonance. Just imagine what an insane person might sound like. As the aliens became technologically advanced, actual physical sound mating might be replaced by electronic means and some traditionalists might scoff at this while modernists might wonder at the unsanitary methods of the past. Imagine how these aliens might execute a criminal or indicate a bad mood. Visiting earthmen might be able to hear some of these tunes if they listened closely since very little sound would escape the tube mating. And the sounds might range far below and above those of human hearing. Of course the earthmen could intercept the electronic transmissions and always upconvert or downconvert the sound to a range that humans can understand.

Books on music theory would be a great place to get some neat ideas. A book entitled Godel, Escher and Bach ( ISBN: 0465026567 ) has some interesting stuff in it. If I think of more I will send it along. Right now my brain feels like mush.

Gus S. Calabrese

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