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Re: The eefect sodium hypochlorite to cells, coral, sealife etc.

Date: Mon Jan 19 12:27:16 2004
Posted By: Kai Bester, Post-doc/Fellow, Environmental Science, Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements
Area of science: Zoology
ID: 1070682732.Zo

sodium hypochlorite is a strong oxidant and it is corrosive.
It is to be expected, that espeicially the organisms that cannot go away 
like corals, algae, mussels will be hurt.
Depending on the amount of water contaminated you will also have to 
consider damages to fish especially to the gills of them. The original 
toxicant probably is the chlorine, to which the hypochlorite reacts.
As I am not literature service I have no articles or so available. 

kind regards

Kai Bester

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