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Re: About bovine catalase and NADP?

Date: Tue Feb 3 19:42:27 2004
Posted By: Artem Evdokimov, Research Scientist
Area of science: Biochemistry
ID: 1075650528.Bc


Bovine catalase does not absolutely require NADP for function. It is 
thought by some researchers that the role of NADP may be to help protect 
the enzyme against its very reactive substrate (H2O2), it is also known 
that the NADPH site can be involved in binding of cognate mRNA which 
regulates the level of catalase protein synthesis via sequestration of the 
messenger - this is a regulatory mechanism designed to sense oxidative 
state of the system in general.

There are many types of catalases and peroxidases in Nature, some with 
prosthetic factors like NADP and some without. It is not really easy to 
assign differences in catalytic activity to something as complex as 
nucleotide binding, especially when the system is designed for intricate 
and delicate control of complicated intracellular processes. If I were 
you, I would read further on the relationship between catalase and 
metabolic processes (including alcohol metabolism!) and try to summarize 
the complex regulatory mechanism involved in catlase mRNA complexation.

Good luck, feel free to ask further questions.


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