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Subject: What are some methods of investigating differences in electric fields?

Date: Wed Feb 11 12:43:56 2004
Posted by Hyder
Grade level: 10-12 School: The Glasgow Academy
City: Glasgow State/Province: Lanarkshire Country: Scotland
Area of science: Physics
ID: 1076525036.Ph

I am going to be starting an investigation into differences in electric fields 
soon and i need to come up with some methods to do so.

In school, we have done simple experiments in mapping equipotential lines 
using carbon paper and crocodile clips as electrodes. The clips were attached 
at opposite sides of the carbon paper and using a probe connected to a 
multimeter lines of equal voltage were found. To plot them we just pressed the 
carbon paper onto a piece of blank paper underneath.

However, this was really boring and I want to use a more interesting method. I 
had found a web page describing use of conductive glass and  heat sensitive 
liquid crystals. Unfortunately, when I returned to the page ready to get 
further instructions it was gone.   

All I remember about the experiment was something about coating the glass with 
the liquid crystals and being able to see electric fields lines or 
equipotential lines.

Could you please shed some light on this method, and if you could, suggest 
some new methods?

Re: What are some methods of investigating differences in electric fields?

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