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Subject: Calories to produce pint of blood?

Date: Wed Jan 28 19:56:59 2004
Posted by Craig Thomasian
Grade level: undergrad School: UC Berkeley
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Area of science: Medicine
ID: 1075341419.Me

Hello, I would like to know approximately how many calories the average human has to ingest in order to produce a pint of blood. I can direct you to a related question and answer on the related subject of how many calories are contained in a pint of blood. Posted on this site with ID #934846191.Me thats under topic of medicine.

If you assume the human body is a 100% efficient blood making machine the answer would be as was posted by Mark as 341.4 Kcal, but we all know it cannot be 100% efficient. Perhaps someone either knows the answer directly or can give insight into narrowing what the efficiency of the human body is as a blood making machine would be?


Re: Calories to produce pint of blood?

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