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Subject: How can one achieve uniform derivatization of cellulose?

Date: Thu Mar 18 16:26:06 2004
Posted by Joe Dejaunirs
Grade level: undergrad School: Stanford University
City: Palo Alto State/Province: CA Country: US
Area of science: Chemistry
ID: 1079648766.Ch

My goal is to uniformally functionalize cellulose membrane. However, I am aware
that cellulose is composed of crystaline and amorphous regions; each has
different chemical reactivity. Is there any pre-treatment method to convert
crystaline region into amorphous one? I try to use solvents (DMSO, acetone, DMF,
acetonitrile) with different wetting capacity, but I'm not sure if this is
sufficient. If possible, I do not want to totally dissolve the cellulose membrane.  

Re: How can one achieve uniform derivatization of cellulose?

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