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Re: How can one achieve uniform derivatization of cellulose?

Date: Thu Mar 25 22:10:05 2004
Posted By: Jerry McCormick, Staff, Chemistry, Independent Consultant
Area of science: Chemistry
ID: 1079648766.Ch

Mr. Dejaunirs, Although I share with you an interet in cellulose chemistry, I cant claim to be an authority on the subject. However, from my limited experience, I can offer an opinion that what you seek is difficult if not impossible. For one thing, the crystalline regions in cellulose are very tightly bound in the multiply hydrogen- bonded lattice and there seems to be no chmical access to the interior regions of the lattice. And so it is that most of the derivitization reactions proceeds from the surface inward, opening the lattice as the reaction goes on. These derivitization reactions generally drastically modify the properties of the product, making it unlikely that physical structure, such as membrane, would survive. But for a more definite answer, I woud suggest that you take your question to a an expert in cellulose chemistry. Try this link: is-cellulose.shtml J. R. D. McCormick

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