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Subject: Can narcolepsy or sleep paralysis be 'lethal'?

Date: Mon May 31 18:03:15 2004
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I' ve recently "stumbled across" those two very interesting sleeping disorders -
narcolepsy and sleep paralysis-the latter being rather a symptom of the first 
one. It seems that patients suffering from such pathologic conditions present 
inability to stay awake and, also, inability to distinguish dreams from 
reality. To what degree do those patients detach from reality? Is it possible 
that they get so much "consumed" by their dreams that they develop paranoia or 
criminal tendencies? Can their dreams be so powerful as to send those patients 
literally to their deaths? Are any reports of narcoleptic patients dying in 
their sleep because of the severity of their dreams? Are those sleeping 
disorders degenerating or are they curable and to what extent? What kind of 
dreams do those patients have - are they based on their everyday experience or 
are they completely "cut off" from reality? 

Re: Can narcolepsy or sleep paralysis be 'lethal'?

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