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Re: Can one be an English major and still get into an environmental field?

Date: Mon Oct 18 23:01:40 2004
Posted By: James Griepenburg, , Chemical consultant, Chemmet Services
Area of science: Environment & Ecology
ID: 1093746132.En


I am a chemist who's had several environental jobs from the analysis
side.  One of the better technicians i have worked with had an English 
degree and one or two science courses.  She was inquisitive, 
thoughtful and interested. A gifted technical writer, who understood 
procedures i wrote better than some of my fellow chemists, also was an
English major who liked science. Yes, there are opportunities for
someone who knows English and Language and has basic Science knowledge 
and skills. There is science writing and reporting, Working for the 
scientific journals, possible field work at your University or the 
state Dept of Environmental Conservation, Positions at the many 
environmental groups.  Take or audit some courses at your school and 
meet the people in your fields of interest and enlist their aid and 
advice. Read as many science articles in your interests as possible 
and communicate with the authors. They will be delighted someone has 
read them and will probably be helpful.

Best of luck, we will be looking for your byline.

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