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Subject: Possible to use VandeGraaff generator to attract water? (large scale)

Date: Fri Jan 28 21:02:26 2005
Posted by Dillon Holden
Grade level: undergrad School: Landscape Technician
City: Caledon State/Province: Ontario Country: Canada
Area of science: Physics
ID: 1106964146.Ph

I'm a landscaper with ambitions to design an innovative decorative waterfall 
that would use the Van de Graaff generator as a means to change the direction 
of the falling water without having to use rocks or other obstacles to do so.  
This idea could also be used in a restaraunt type environment. (table against 
the wall). Picture yourself sitting down for dinner in a restaraunt, and 
having a stream of water dropping straight down on your table but by "magic" 
the water slopes away from the table towards the wall and gently running down 
the wall to a pump which continuasly pumps the water over your head once 
again. I want to know if this is possible for a Van de Graaff generator to 
have enough electrostatic energy to pull the water to the wall. Do you think 
this is possible?  If so I will start testing this idea. Thanks a lot!

Re: Possible to use VandeGraaff generator to attract water? (large scale)

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