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Re: How do I calculate the iodine number

Date: Wed Apr 6 10:44:44 2005
Posted By: Ara Kooser, Grad student, Physical Chemistry, Sandia National Labs
Area of science: Biochemistry
ID: 1110536088.Bc

I think the equation you were given has been simplified from the full iodine number equation.

First you need to turn your thiosulphate into equivalents of iodine. Once you have that you just plug the numbers into your equation.

So something like this: (Equiv. of Iodine in Blank)-(Equiv. of Iodine in Sample)

Your blank with no fat should have 100% iodine in it since there are no double bonds to react with. In your fat sample you should have less iodine because (I am guessing based on your data) your fat contains double bonds.

For a really good explaination with real lab data:

Moderator's note: The Iodine Number is the number of grams of iodine absorbed by 100 grams of lipid. Ara provided the following link for additional information on calculating the iodine number. Scroll down about half-way to find Laboratory 3: Iodine Number of Triglycerides.

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