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Subject: I would like a simple way to swap plant DNA,

Date: Wed Mar 9 02:08:11 2005
Posted by Dan
Grade level: undergrad School: san jose city college
City: san jose State/Province: ca Country: usa
Area of science: Molecular Biology
ID: 1110355691.Mb

I heard that if you add 1 table spoon of clear liquid soap, 1 table spone of 
salt and 1 table spone of distilled water in a bag, add any fresh plant, and 
crush, pour that on top of cheese cloth and let it drip into a test tube, add 
a bit of ethinal alchol, you will see the DNA seperate itself. Assuming that 
is true, I would like to mix that with another plant, using that technique. My 
question is, how would i get the to DNA to mix together. Would I have to use 
electric shock to open the protoplasum of the plant, DNA. What kind of 
solution should I put the DNA in, to see if it will cluster and grow. Anyway 
this all sounds crazy but how can I swap DNA with other plants as an easy 
science project. 

Mad plant engineer wanna be.

Re: I would like a simple way to swap plant DNA,

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