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Subject: Re: An old query on truss bridges

Date: Mon May 2 20:11:11 2005
Posted by Christina
Grade level: 10-12 School: Mt. Shast High School
City: Mt. Shasta State/Province: CA Country: USA
Area of science: Engineering
ID: 1115082671.Eg

For a fun end of the year activity in my physics class we are having a bridge-
off which is won by the highest bridge weight/load weight ratio.  The problem 
is my teacher has taught us little that applies to bridges.  I know that I need 
to distribute the weight away from the center because the load will hang from 
there only.  In researching truss designs I found an old query about truss 
bridges where you stated that if the load where in the center the bridge should 
be made taller instead of wider.  My bridge will be built with white glue, 1/8" 
x 1/8" strips of cedar (I think)and can have no under the road supports.  Can 
you tell me if an arched bridge (I have a way to bend the strips) with some 
type of trussing (maybe Warren) would follow the principle you spoke of with 
the taller not wider idea.  If I'm going the wrong way please redirect.

Re: Re: An old query on truss bridges

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