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Re: how is the science i do in class related to veterinary medicine?

Date: Fri Jun 17 04:05:14 2005
Posted By: jitendra tiwari, Medical student, veterinary parasitology, college of veterinary and animal science, rau
Area of science: Medicine
ID: 1116771123.Me

Hi dear, Veterinary Science is very much related to the science subjects 
like zoology and chemistry. Veterinary Science is related to Zoology, 
which you studied in your class, in the way that in it students studied 
about the anatomy , physiology, and genetics, of the various genera of 
animals like cattle, horse, dog, cat, and other domesticated and wild 
animals. In Veterinary Science students also studied about the morphology 
and life cycle of non vertebrates like helminths, protozoa, arthropods, 
microbes and viruses that infects the animals and causing diseases in 
them. Veterinary science also related to the chemistry, specially 
biochemistry. A veterinarian studied about the various biochemical 
processes occurred in the body of the animals, which are quite similar in 
nature to the one that happens in the body of humans which you studied in 
your class. But there is no direct relation between the Veterinary science 
and subjects like Physics. As far as Mathematics is concern it is 
indirectly related by Statistics which is essential for every scientist. 

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