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Subject: What was in imbedded in my lobster claw that I ate last night?

Date: Sun Aug 21 13:43:13 2005
Posted by mary
Grade level: grad (science) School: none
City: sandwich State/Province: ma Country: usa
Area of science: Zoology
ID: 1124649793.Zo

This is not a joke! Last night I cooked up a 2lb. lobster and when I cracked 
open one of his claws, there was something dark on the top of the meat. I 
scraped it off with my fork and saw an even darker color so I tore into the 
meat and found a red blob in the center of the meat. I can only describe it as 
looking like a cranberry surrounded by cranberry sauce. The rest of the 
lobster looked(and tasted) fine, but that red blob freaked me out. What could 
it possibly have been? I bought it from a local seafood place here on the Cape 
(5 minutes from my house) and he was very alive when I put him in the water. 
Thanks for your time.

Re: What was in imbedded in my lobster claw that I ate last night?

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