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Subject: Have humans ever had the ability to predict natural disasters?

Date: Sun Jan 1 17:30:38 2006
Posted by Kourosh
Grade level: K-3 School: Wilson's Grammar School
City: London Borough, Croydon State/Province: Surrey Country: United Kingdom
Area of science: Evolution
ID: 1136161838.Ev

I'm sorry my last question was not entirely clear. What I would like to know is
why other animals have the ability to predict natural disasters and we don't. I
know that aanimals can tell when an earthquake is soon, suchas dogs barking,
fish jumping out of water things like that. I heard on the radio, when they were
talking about the Boxing Day tsunami, that there was some sort of national park
for animals, but none were hurt, seeing as they could predict that it was
coming. What i would like to know wh can't we? I would just like to know, it's
been really teasing me. 

Re: Have humans ever had the ability to predict natural disasters?

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