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Subject: Is it possible that gravitons are two-dimensional?

Date: Wed Dec 14 21:07:03 2005
Posted by Eric
Grade level: grad (science) School: Biological Research Institute
City: Olney State/Province: Maryland Country: USA
Area of science: Physics
ID: 1134619623.Ph

I am fascinated by cosmology and I have some unique ideas ... I formulated a 
new Cosmology in which I suggest that the Universe has positive, negative, and 
null space and has four origins. Also I suggest time as the initial origin and 
is a force. Also, positive space has origin from gravity and electromagnetism 
splitting last and electric charge is switch from one axis domain to the other 
side. The electron is gravity particle with charge. When it is 2d it may have 
no charge...when it becomes 3d, say through beta-decay, it develops a charge. 
Spin components are the attached time particles. It does make sense...I am not 
being absurd...this may fit better.

Re: Is it possible that gravitons are two-dimensional?

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