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Subject: Is there a home recipe for Ultraviolet reactive ink?

Date: Wed Jul 26 02:34:24 2006
Posted by Jeff
Grade level: 10-12 School: Wesley College
City: Melbourne State/Province: Victoria Country: Australia
Area of science: Chemistry
ID: 1153906464.Ch

I am looking for a recipe to make Ultraviolet reactive invisible ink. So far I
found a basic but dangerous recipe in a forum, which included sulphuric acid and
decided to look elsewhere. Google provided many answers on how to buy stuff but
no instructions on how to make it, or if it is possible. I want to know if there
is a recipe that can be done in a normal kitchen that can make UV responsive
ink. The ink would be best if it responded to a normal long wave UV light.

I would use this information to make the ink and use it in a refillable pen that
i have made.
I will also share this information with a friend of mine that is also interested.

I have tried every Google search including the words (UV, INK, BLACKLIGHT,
I have also consulted many of the science teachers at my school, but to no avail.

Re: Is there a home recipe for Ultraviolet reactive ink?

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