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Subject: Frog Nuclei Transfer Procedure Question.

Date: Wed Nov 29 17:56:48 2006
Posted by wilson
Grade level: 10-12 School: High Tech High School
City: North Bergen State/Province: NJ Country: USA
Area of science: Development
ID: 1164848208.Dv

I wish to attempt a a nuclear transfer of a frog. I plan to take a frog egg and
remove the nucleus. I want to then insert it into a new egg. Theorically it
should form a female frog with no father. How can i isolate the nucleus and
insert it in the new cell. Should i use a micropipette, if so what size and
where could i find it. Another problem would be how to activate the new egg. I
suppose a simple heat shock or an injection of Ca+ ions, but i do not know if
this would help? Please Help!

Re: Frog Nuclei Transfer Procedure Question.

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