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Subject: How do I dilute iodine?

Date: Thu Aug 9 09:29:47 2007
Posted by Morgen
Grade level: 4-6 School: Harkrider Hearts at Home
City: College Station State/Province: Texas Country: USA
Area of science: Cell Biology
ID: 1186676987.Cb

I'm a homeschool mom, attempting to teach my 5th grader about the life and
activity of cells.  We will be using a microscope for the first time and need to
place scraped skin cells on the slide and then splace a small drop of "diluted
iodine solution" on the cells.  I have a bottle of Iodine (part of a science
kit) and don't know how I'm supposed to dilute it.  

Re: How do I dilute iodine?

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