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Subject: Are deformed or triple yoke eggs from chickens safe to eat?

Date: Mon Oct 1 10:41:20 2007
Posted by David
Grade level: 4-6 School: Norwood Elem
City: Clinton State/Province: TN Country: USA
Area of science: Agricultural Sciences
ID: 1191260480.Ag

Our chickens at home sometimes produce deformed egg shells, and we have had 
many double and some triple yoked eggs from our 12 chickens.  Are we feeding 
them wrong, and are these safe to eat?  They get unlimited 16% layers rations 
from the local co-op and some scratch every other day or so. The chickens are 
not even a year old, we got them as chicks at Easter 2007.  We do have 1 
rooster with our hens.  They have an indoor shelter and a pen outdoors to run 
in.  We just want to make sure we are taking care of them properly and can't 
find any extended info on the internet about triple yokes or deformed shells.

Re: Are deformed or triple yoke eggs from chickens safe to eat?

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