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Subject: How could dinosaurs mate? I have a few ideas, as they clearly did...

Date: Mon Jan 5 13:39:29 2009
Posted by Jani
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I found one answer in the archive, which didn't discuss the possibilities. Could
the large dinosaurs have fertilized the eggs over a pond (like amphibians), so
that there would have been no need for the sperm to enter the cloaca (which I
suppose was the dinosaur way, as they are most closely related to birds)? The
huge tails are a big problem when concerning the current mating methods for
birds. How do crocodilians mate? They have long tails. If dinosaur eggs
developed shells inside the female, then you'd need internal fertilization. Have
any in-situ fetuses been found in dinosaur fossils? Eggs have been found, so the
shells might have hardened after the mating process or been laid by the mother.
Any answers to this question yet?

I don't think the weight to be a problem, as even the heaviest dinosaurs
obviously had to carry themselves quite well to survive for far longer than our
species, only the method of fertilization. 

Re: How could dinosaurs mate? I have a few ideas, as they clearly did...

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