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Re: difference between cytoxin B assay and cell cytoxicity neutraliation assay?

Date: Fri May 29 08:03:49 2009
Posted By: Edward Richter, Faculty, Food Microbiology
Area of science: Microbiology
ID: 1239075885.Mi

A cytotoxin assay uses a cell tissue culture (for example Chinese hamster 
ovary cells) to detect (and sometimes quantify) a soluble biological 
toxin.  As an example, the toxin or filtrate from a stool sample is 
applied to the cell culture.  If a toxic substance (that the cells are 
sensitive to) is present in the sample, the cells will exhibit cytopathic 
effect (CPE) (cell pathology).  Although these type of tests can detect 
toxic substances, they cannot identify the toxic substance A cytoxicity 
neutralization assay, is a biological assay in which the sample 
containing the unknown toxin is treated with a specific antibody.  If the 
specific toxin is present in the sample it will be neutralized and will 
not demonstrate CPE.  So if you run a standard CTA and get CPE then run a 
CTNA you can be sure that the specific toxin is present in the sample.

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