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Subject: Is my PSTSN excitation hazardous?

Date: Wed Jun 10 21:19:14 2009
Posted by Green
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I have speculative neuroscience question.

PSTSN = Peripheral Somatic Tactile Sensory Neurons 

Tactile = Pertaining only to sense of touch [including temperature, pressure,
pain, etc.]. *Not* including any visual, auditory, gustatory, olfactory
perceptions or any sensations associated with the sense of balance.

Peripheral = pertaining only to the peripheral nervous system and not the
central nervous system.

Somatic = pertaining only to the somatic nervous system and not the visceral,
autonomic, or enteric nervous systems

Lets say a mysterious entity decides to stimulate all the PSTSNs all in my body
to the maximum extent possible [in terms of extent to which a neuron is
stimulated, how many neurons per area are stimulated, and during of stimulating]
 without damaging any part of the body [including the PSTSNs] or overloading
the rest of the nervous system.

The rest of the nervous system [and my body] are not directly affected by the
mystical entity itself. However, the extreme excitations of PSTSNs most likely
will affect the rest of my body.

What symptoms will I experience as a result of this extreme PSTSN excitement?

The stimulation I speak of is marked by depolarization of the PSTSNs. 

When a neuron is stimulated, it depolarizes. When relaxed, it hyperpolarizes.

As to what symptoms Id experience, my guess is that I would feel some weird
sensations throughout the body. Somatic reflexes to this aberrant tactile
stimulus would likely cause the muscles in my arms and legs to become contract.
Do I guess right? Would anything else happen to me? Anything dangerous?



Re: Is my PSTSN excitation hazardous?

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