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Re: Why does HIIT (high intensity interval training) increase muscle mass?

Date: Sun Jan 3 07:31:24 2010
Posted By: Justin Miller, computer technician
Area of science: Anatomy
ID: 1258440354.An

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) by itself does not necessarily 
increase muscle mass at all.  Lots of people use the techniques in a 
different way to lose weight rather than gain it.

However, to the question as to why lifting a heavier weight fewer times 
builds muscle...

The quick and easy answer is that lifting a lighter weight is easier!  
There's a difference between tiring your muscles out and stressing them.  In 
order to build strength and bulk, one must stress the muscle by operating it 
beyond what it's used to.  This causes it to adapt by building more myofibril tissue, more 
connective tissue, and so on, in order to make it so that the next time you 
try to stress the muscle, the muscle will be able to respond better.  It's 
simple adaptation to environment, essentially.

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