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Subject: regarding faraday law of induction of magnetic fields

Date: Thu Feb 18 06:18:04 2010
Posted by Gokul
Grade level: undergrad School: SREC
City: Chennai State/Province: Tamil Nadu Country: India
Area of science: Physics
ID: 1266499084.Ph

In a particular problem, a circular loop of wire is placed in a magnetic field 
facing downwards(x) or away from the page. In the first second, the magnetic 
field changes by -1.2 T/s. What is the direction of the current induced ?
My reasoning goes as follows - As the rate of change of field is -ve, the final 
field is < initial field. Thus, by Lenz'law, the direction of induced current 
must be in the same direction as the existing field to strengthen the existing 
field. So, as per given data, the current must flow clockwise. But the book says 
it must be counterclockwise. Am I missing something here?


Re: regarding faraday law of induction of magnetic fields

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