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Subject: Can I make holographic image from 2-Dimensional drawing.

Date: Sat May 1 09:52:50 2010
Posted by Kevin
Grade level: undergrad School: Keystone College
City: La Plume State/Province: Pennsylvania Country: United States
Area of science: Physics
ID: 1272732770.Ph

Hi, I'm an art student wondering if there is any possible way to turn a 24x18
2-D drawing into a holographic image.  The drawing is a planar study of
self-portrait so I would say the complexity of the image is a little above
average.  I have access to computers, scanners, the latest in adobe programs,
and am willing to spend within a budget of any range in the hundreds as long as
method is fool proof and will work within short time frame with as little
problems as possible.  I really do hope there is and I do appreciate any help or
advice you can offer. 


Re: Can I make holographic image from 2-Dimensional drawing.

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