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Re: Can I make holographic image from 2-Dimensional drawing.

Date: Thu May 27 10:16:54 2010
Posted By: Adrian E. Popa, Retired Laboratory Director
Area of science: Physics
ID: 1272732770.Ph

Question: Can I make holographic image from 2-Dimensional drawing.

Greetings Kevin:

Reference: Making Holograms holograms

Holograms are made by interfering tens of millions of light rays reflected
from three dimensional objects. The very complex patterns are less than a
light wavelength in width and less than a light wavelength apart. A light
wavelength is about 0.5 micrometers (there are 25 micrometers in 1/1000 of
an inch). Thus it is impossible to draw about 50 lines within each 1/1000 of
an inch. These lines are so small and so close together that it requires high
resolution film to expose them in a hologram.

You could try to draw a stereoscopic pair of drawings which would differ by
what each eye would see. I have done this with simple line drawings. You
might try two caricature drawings such as used in political cartoons to
understand and practice the technique.

Thank you for an interesting question.

Best regards, Your Mad Scientist
Adrian Popa

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