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Subject: Washing in Immuno-PCR test. (second question)

Date: Mon Jul 5 22:11:12 2010
Posted by Huong Ha
Grade level: undergrad School: University of Sciences
City: Ho Chi Minh State/Province: Ho Chi Minh Country: Vietnam
Area of science: Biochemistry
ID: 1278393072.Bc

When I read this protocol 
and other ones as well, I found that in the washing step before blocking,they 
used TBS. However, in all washing step after blocking, they used TETBS (tween 
and TBS). I have tried to explain this changing however I can't find a clear 
answer. It would be great if you could tell me why they did so. Thanks a lot! 

Re: Washing in Immuno-PCR test. (second question)

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