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Subject: Which program should I choose?

Date: Sun Aug 7 18:33:58 2011
Posted by Brittney
Grade level: undergrad School: University of Western Ontario
City: London State/Province: Ontario Country: Canada
Area of science: Medicine
ID: 1312767238.Me

I am going into my second year of university.  I am currently enrolled in an 
honour's specialization in medical science (meaning I can take courses from 
many different science areas), but am considering switching into a more 
specific honour's specialization (either medical cell biology, clinical 
biochemistry, or chemistry and biochemistry).  I was just wondering if it 
would look better applying to medical school or graduate school with a medical 
science honour's specialization (to appear more well-rounded), or a more 
specific honour's specialization (showing there is an area I am most 
passionate about).  I think I'd like all the modules and my grades would be 
similar in all of them, so those aren't really factors in my decision.  
Thank you for your help, 

Re: Which program should I choose?

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