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Subject: Effect of electrostatic (DC) field on animals during their developement?

Date: Tue Dec 20 12:23:38 2011
Posted by Young
Grade level: 10-12 School: commack high school
City: Dix Hills State/Province: NY Country: US
Area of science: Development
ID: 1324409018.Dv

Hello, I am about to expose brine shrimp cysts to 48v/mm DC electric field 
using batteries during their hatching for 2 days.However, I couldn't find a 
single article about effect of DC field on animals, unlike plants.
No significant change in the length of the seedlings was produced by DC field 
of 3600 V/m. AC fields of 3600 and 1800 V/m increase the average length of the 
seedlings by 12% and 8%, respectively. The insensitivity of  soy  seedlings  
to a pure electrostatic field can be explained by assuming that the  soy  is 
not electrotropic.(Costanzo, E 2008 The influence of an electric field on the 
growth of soy seedlings. Journal of Electrostatics)
White radish sprout exposed to static electric field of 2.5kV/m had 26% 
increase in germination rate and 60% increase in the length and 24% increase 
in the weight. Claims that the effect is due to stimulation of pythomone.
(Shimizu, N., Muramoto, Y., & Okumura, T. (2006). Acceleration of plant growth 
by D.C. electric field. IEIC Technical Report)
DC fields of 1, 1.5V/cm resulted in changes in the cellular pattern of the 
RAM. The field activated the quiescent centre (QC): the cells of the QC 
penetrated the root cap junction, disturbing the organization of the closed 
meristem and changing it temporarily into the open type. Even a weak electric 
field disturbs the pattern of cell divisions in plant root meristem. This in 
turn changes the global organization of the RAM. A field of slightly higher 
strength also damages root cap initials,terminating their division. (Influence 
of a Weak DC Electric Field on Root Meristem Architecture, WOJCIECH WAWRECKI 
I was inspired because of Der Urzeit Code.  This claims that DC field during 
the germination or hatching,organism grew into its "primeval form" through 
different gene expression. (more in The 
optimal result was produced with 75-150v/mm.

Re: Effect of electrostatic (DC) field on animals during their developement?

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